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How to learn English Fun

tips how to learn english fun, how to learn english unconventionally

Nowadays, people around the world alraeady know about English. In daily life, we can find English (at least words) in every place and every time, such as in newspaper, gadget, television and etc. Moreover, children also can learn English quicklier than adult. In spite of, there are still many people that have problem with English. They thought English is very difficult to learn because they thought English was not their mother tongue.

There are many ways that we know to learn English. Some conventional way such as study in school or English course is not quite effective. Besides, they used methods that make us be bored in learning English. Based on my experiences, I learn English autodidactly and very fun. There are some ways that make learning English become an interesting subject and make us love to learn it. What are they?

1. Watching English Movie

Who doesn't like watch movie? Every people from child until adult like to watch movie.To learn English fun, you can try watch English movie without a subtitle. From that you can gain many new vocabularies and also improve your communication skill. You'll get practice how to say something and express them through the movies. You can watch movie in your spare time with your family or friends but still, don't forget your main duty to study at school. Try it, it's very fun.

2.Listen to the Song and sing it

Music nowadays has become a needs for human in their life. Many researchers believe that listen to the music will help you to avoid the stress and help you to boost your mood. As my experience, I love to listen music before start my morning and doing the activities. Nowadays so many English songs that were made by many artists. You should try to listen to them and sing them. Same as watching movie, you'll got many new words and practice how to say something by using English. You'll accustomed to say it if you always and often sing it.

3. Play Video Games

Not all video games that can help you to improve your English ability. I suggest you to play RPG game or adventure game. Why I suggest them? Because both of them have many tasks in English. And also you need to finish missions. In the mission detailed, you will meet English (if only you choose English language). From those, you can learn many new vocabularies from the game. So not only fun for playing only, you can get new experiences and vocabularies from a game too.

4. Chat in Social media

Social Media nowadays can't be separated from our life. Start from facebook, twitter, instagram, path and etc. Maybe you have account in each of them. In social media, you'll meet new friends, not only from your country, but also from another country too. You can try new experience and practice your English by invite them to chat with you by using English. No matter your English is still bad, if you often practice it, your ability will be improved by itself. By chatting with them, not only new friends that you'll get, but also, if you're lucky you can get a girlfriend/boyfriend hehe.

5. Advertisement

If you watch television, it will have advertisement between a program to another program or if you read newspaper or going somewhere, you'll see advertisement/poster/banner by using English. From them, you can gain many new vocabularies if you're interested to read them. In your gadget or if you buy new electronic things, you'll meet procedure books that used English.

6.Join the Community

It's hard to speak English well if you don't practice it alot. I suggest you to join a community who love speak English. This community not only help you to improve your communication skill, but also your social interaction and also your attitude. By joining a community (English Community) you could also share your experience and your problem with your friends, meet new friends and learn many things from them.

Okay, those are my opinion based on my experience how to learn English fun. If anyone want to add other ways else, you can give comment below to add some opinions. Thanks for read.

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