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Examples of Greeting Conversation

example of conversation,greeting formal and informal ways

Hi guys, have you read about How to greet someone around the world before? this post is still talking about greeting. As we know, there are 2 kind of conversation : Formal and Informal. So does greeting do to.

This below are examples of greeting conversation in formal and nonformal ways:

Example 1

Lisa :Hi, Gun. Fancy meeting you here.How are you today?

Gun :Lisa! Hi. I'm fine.

Lisa :Gee.We haven't been each other for a long time

Gun :Yeah, it must be close to two years

Lisa :Still working at hospital?

Gun :Come on, let's not go into that. By the way, how is your family?

Lisa :We are pretty well. Thanks.Why don't you come to my house tonight? They'll be very pleased to meet you.

Gun :Alright. I'll be there around seven.

Lisa :Ok.See you then

Gun :Alright.Bye, Lisa

conversation examples, greeting conversation, formal and informal greeting

Example 2

Mr.Edo :Good morning, mis, how do you do?

Mrs.Eva :Oh, good morning, how do you do?

Mr.Edo :Btw, my name is Edo, nice to meet you

Mrs.Eva :Mm, my name is Eva, nice to meet you too

Mr.Edo :Sorry for being unpolite, are you Eva Sriwidodo?

Mrs.Eva :Yes, I am, why sir?

Mr.Edo :Oh God, did you forget about me Ev?

Mrs.Eva :Ev? Oh gee. Long time no see Edo, you're changed of all

Mr.Edo :Hahaha, really?

Mrs.Eva :Yeahh, well, how is everything?

Mr.Edo :pretty good, but since I moved to America, I felt bored there

Mrs.Eva :Really? I was thinking if I could go there someday :)

Mr.Edo :Ya, you need to go there once. Next time I'll invite you to go with me there

Mrs.Eva :Really? Oh thanks Edo for your invitation

Mr.Edo :You're welcome Ev.

Now it's your turn, which one is informal and formal conversation? Now let write and practice your new conversation with your partner. Thanks for visit my blog and read thisExamples of Greeting Conversation post:)

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