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FYI : How To Greet Someone around the world

for your information, greeting around the world, custom in greeting

Hola, This time, I'm gonna share about information how to greet your friend or new person that you have met him/her for the first time. As you know from school or college, we need to greet them to build a communication between us and to show our politeness. Do you know in this world there are some unique ways how to greet person based on their unique custom.

In western we know the way how to greet someone is by shaking hand and say Good morning/afternoon or evening and say how do you do (if you meet him/her at the first time) or how are you?/ how have you been? (in formal way) or for informal way you only say what's happening? or what's up ? or how's life? and etc.
But in these countries there are some unique way how to greet someone by using some gestures. let's check it out.


Chinaa nod or bow
Hong Kong (older Chinese)claps hands together at throat level and nod
Indiapalms together as though praying and bend or nod, callednamaste
Indonesiasay selamat, which means peace
Japanbow from the waist, palms on thighs, heels together
Koreaa slight bow and handshake (right hand in one or both hands)
Malaysiaboth hands touch other person's hands, then are brought back to the breast, called salame gesture
Philippinesa limp handshake
Sri Lankaplace palms together under chin and bow slightly
Thailandplace palms together, elbows down, and bow head slightly, called wai

Source : Factmonster

for your information, greeting around the world, custom in greeting

Another gestures in some countries

1.Waving your hand from one side to the other

  • In most countries, this gesture translates into “Hello!”.
  • In some countries in Europe, however, as well as in Japan and Latin America, it could end up being translated into a “no” or a general negative response.
  • In India, it means “come over here”.


  • In China the gesture is accompanied by the words “nihao” and in Japan by the words “konnichiwa”.
  • Many Asian countries use it as a greeting gesture.
  • In Europe, it is typical of nobility and aristocracy to use a bow as a greeting sign.
  • Depending on the culture and location, there are numerous rules regarding proper bowing (who should bow first, how much should the head be lowered etc.)


  • Another widely used form of greeting, kissing is usually reserved to people who aren’t total strangers to each other.
  • In many European countries, people brush cheeks while making a kissing sound. Depending on cultural habits, there is an infinite number of variations to this gesture: from 1 kiss to 4, starting with the left cheek or the right, kissing the hand instead of the cheeks etc.

4.Shaking hands

  • This is usually a gesture associated with formal settings, or situations where people meet for the first time.
  • A firm, long handshake is considered impolite in France, according to some.
  • In South Africa, the stronger the handshake, the better.
  • In Russia, it is believed that if 2 people shake hands over a table or with any sort of object between them, that will bring trouble in the relationship.

5.Verbal greetings

  • From a simple “Hello!” to “How is your body?”, the words people use in different cultures as a form o greeting are fascinating.
  • “Aloha” means “I hope that our every thought benefits each other and the world around us.”.
  • In Botswana, people often greet each other by asking “How did you wake?”.
  • “Namaste” (Sanskrit) can be defined as “The spirit in me respects the spirit in you.”.

Okay , I think enough for your information about FYI : How To Greet Someone around the world in this post. There are so many ways to greet someone that untold in this post. You can search in Google for further information. Whatever the way, the most important is you should respect the custom wherever you are. Thanks for reading.

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