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Understanding Concept of Nouns

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What are Nouns? We know that a sentence should have noun. Not every word is noun, but every noun is word, isn't it? haha.A noun is a word for a person, place, or thing. (You might like to think of nouns as naming words.) Everything we can see or talk about is represented by a word which names it. That "naming word" is called a noun.

Sometimes a noun will be the name for something we can touch (e.g., tiger, bread, computer), and sometimes a noun will be the name for something we cannot touch (e.g., happiness, trust, love).

Everything is represented by a word that lets us talk about it. This includes people (e.g., woman, teacher), animals (e.g., fish, bird), places (e.g.,hospital, shop), objects (e.g., vase, pencil), substances (e.g., wood, metal), qualities (e.g., heroism, sorrow), actions (e.g., swimming, dancing), and measures (e.g., inch, ounce).

Here are some more examples:

  • soldier - Alan - cousin - Frenchman (< names for people)
  • cat - hippopotamus - owl - cub (< names for animals)

  • happiness - beauty - bravery - health - faith (< names for qualities)
  • playing - cooking - barking - reading - listening (< names for actions)
  • year - inch - day - pound - kilogram (< names for measures)
  • house - Jakarta - factory - garage (< names for places)
  • chair - eyeglasses - blanket - freezer(< names for objects)
  • metal - oxygen - water - ice (< names for substances)

Okay I think enough for this post about basic concept of Noun, later I'll write again for more explanation about noun, see you :).

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